ASURA STRIFE : Who Is The Stronger?!
Epic Battle - Crossover : Asura's Wrath X Final Fantasy.

Models : Asura Strife, modded by LGMODS.
Music : Child Of Destruction by J.T. Peterson.
Motion & Camera : Created from scratch by LGMODS.
Voices : Asura original from Asura's Wrath.
SFX : Various ressources from internet.
Effects : AdultShader, GreenerShader, SeriousShaders, CrossLuminous, CheapLens, CameraScreen, Wind x2, AutoSmoke, Thunder x4, PE2 Charge, PA, ParticlesEX2, Earthquake, ColorShift, BleachByPass, HgDiffusion, Diffusion, MangaLine, TKFlow, Hit, LineSystem x4, Gravity / Lights / Shadows / Distorsion edit and more....
Stage : Final Fantasy Mobius Arena, imported by @blackSoul1890 .

Model details :

Blablabla :

Aaahh... Making a fight motion is really the most hardest animation to do. Synchronizing both characters together, calculating impact and movements.. But what a pleasure to see the result!
I could have extended this animation but I prefered stop here, at least it don't mean I can't think of a next hehe.
So far I think this is my best production. It took me a lot of hours to add the post production on this video even if most of effects are made inside MMD, I needed to put the sound effect at a very accurate timing because yes, every sound that you heard was placed manually inside Sony Vegas Pro.
This Asura model is really badass, I like to make crossover with him, everything fit this character!
The motion was long to create, oh yes... I needed entire hour to create a single second so you can imagine how long it was to make the complete motion.
I was caring of every details even one who is not noticable because of camera or fast movement, from face to toes nothing was forgotten.

Feel free to give a feedback and enjoy! :)


Asura's Wrath belong to CAPCOM & CYBERCONNECT2.
Final Fantasy belong to SQUARE ENIX.

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