Happy quarantine everyone, since unemployed for the past two weeks I've went from Iwara watcher to beginner maker!
Its my first time using this Handbrake encoding thing so quality is hard to get right.
I used different (I think 7) models that I mashed together to create this final version of Flandre, so its hard to credit everyone, I'd still like critics if you have some.(I will post screenshots of the different clothing sets)
This is mostly a WIP, I have tried a few different bone colliders and still can't fix the skirt clipping, I could fix by using another set of Clothing, but really felt this one matched better with this song.
I'm am planning to post an Ecchi version next if I can find a motion that isnt too broken to fix.
I am also working on Remilia and Sakuya models from Touhou and a few more originals.
Other clothing sets for Flan can be seen here https://ecchi.iwara.tv/images/various-clothing-set-flan-sama

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