Prime minister Shinzo Abe has announced his desire to spread the influence of virtual diva Hatsune Miku throughout the world, a sentiment no doubt shared by otaku and surprising few considering the minister’s antics during the 2016 Olympic’s concluding ceremony…
Minister Abe shared this news during a recent meeting, mentioning that he intends to spread not only Hatsune Miku but manga, literature, anime and other forms of Japanese culture to the rest of the world, things which western anime fans clearly approve of and that even Barack Obama is thankful for.
A special project has been scheduled to help make Abe’s dream a reality entitled “Japonisme 2018” (though what this means for “Cool Japan” is not clear), where Japan will utilize its rich culture to heighten its presence in the world – starting with France, in celebration of their “160th anniversary of friendly relations” with the nation.

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