Shimizu Izumi model by Ademar440 (me)

I made small updates to the model and motion data here are the new links

ver 1.0.51

Motion by Ademar440

07-07-2016 - - Small corrections

Plz enjoy and let me know if catch something wrong, in the meantime I’ll be playing some blacklight retribution

Shimizu is her last name BTW.

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Izumi’s become a rival of my favorite models. You’ve done a damned good job with her.

the wait is over!
thanks shes very cute!

Wow, she turned out great.

Surprisingly sexy! Nice work!

Looks nice - thanks for sharing!

The link for motion is dead!

think u can share me the motion please?

Sorry for not replying it seems notifications are not working or weren’t working, maybe it’s been fixed, I replaced the DL link, please use twitter if TV messages don’t work you can find me @Ademar440 also gmail if you wish to do so, the address is the same.


i do believe the link of the motion is dead, little word of advice?, just name it "pjano mmd" and don't include the song, most of us will find a way to grab it from somewhere and convert it into avi, thanks in advance.

Hmm I think what is down is a link to a previous version of Izumi the link to the motion is still up I think and is called EPP.rar thanks for the heads up.

wow really awesome and so so sexy. i love this so much ^_^
thank you so much for model and motion ^_^

The link to the motion is dead, sadly...