valentine is coming, guys, go outside!! :]
This is an original character from MrJinSenpai. I think most of the video i made, most of the models are from him. I come across this song, and I thought I need a chill character, so this wolf girl seems to fit quite nicely. I don't think the video needs much editing, this is just an energetic song with an energetic girl~! Enjoy.
情人節要到了~ 單身阿宅們~ 出門去吧~ :]
這是一位mmd'er MrJinSenpai所做的原創角色~ 基本上我影片中大部分的角色都是經過他弄好的~ 這首歌因為比較輕盈&活力~ 讓我想起了這角色, 所以就把她放上來試試看~ :) 很簡單的一支影片, 沒有用甚麼特色~ 主要就是很有元氣的一首歌&角色~

Hibiki Saiba 3.08 (MrJinSenpai)

Sea house Ver.2 by MMD大狐狸丶

"Booo!" by TOKOTOKO (music, lyrics)

Excellent Shadow, Raycast_TOON RC, o_selfoverlay, power DOF,

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