MMD Chi [Chobits] Hurts Like Hell R15

This Is A Short Video About A Beautiful Persocom Named Chi {Her Name Was Elda] She Married Hideki And After their Wedding She Goes into The Bathroom To Change out Of Her Wedding Dress And into Her Nightie But Hideki is Not There When She Comes Out To Be With Him On their Honeymoon

He Went to get A Pizza But He Forgot a Chobit Sees Time Faster Than Humans And She got Scared He Left Her For A Human Girl
Proving Even A Smart Human Type Computer Can Assume Badly Because He Truly Loves Her And Would Never Leave Her Or Hurt Her. My Friend founder gave me permission to use this

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who in his right mind goes out for a pizza on his wedding night that is the last thing he should be thinking about

Hey pegleg thats a collage boy for ya pizza before puss i know sad