The video was rendered in Blender 2.79 using the SheepIt! render farm.
Sexual content is not allowed on SheepIt.

Blender version 2.79 brought three major improvements to rendering in Cycles. With the principled shader it was easy to create realistic materials. Filmic color management made the video look natural and, you know, filmic. With denoising, much less samples were needed and this kind of quality was even possible in the first place.

The video was rendered at 3840x2160 and 60 fps using 100 samples with denoising. At 11 minutes per frame, it would have taken 98 days (!!) to render this on a single machine, but with the render farm it took 25 hours (!!!) instead. It did cost 916 862 points and I did have to render other people's projects for 25 days of render time, but it gave me time to make many revisions.

Song: クラブ=マジェスティ 〔歌ってみた〕
by Reol
English translation by Hazuki no Yume:

by powroupi

Motion: クラブ=マジェスティ モーショントレース
by yurie
Fun fact: yurie traced the motion from a real performance (viewable in the Content Tree in the link), but didn't include the bow at the end. I liked it so much that I traced it myself.

Character: Kagamine Rin V4X
by Digitrevx

Stage: 椛暗式-共鸣ver1.0
by 椛暗

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