>>> 2K 60 FPS VERSION ON YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW8rKHEwRx4 <<<<

This got flagged as 18+ on YouTube so it can't be embedded on Iwara. Please see the link for the high quality version.



★Credits / お借りしたもの★(敬称略)

Model/モデル : MrJinSenpai
Motion/モーション : Ademar440
Camera/カメラ : Ademar440
Stage/ ステージ : ツチネコ

Add-ons: mmd_tools, AnimAide, WiggleBones

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Good. You better know it's not safe to upload on YouTube since last couple of weeks. Get the others to Iwara before YT's algorithm could mark your videos age-restricted.