[MMD VIDEO] NINJASURA : Tricking (Release The Fire)

Motion edit by Yur.
Camera by me.
Model imported by me.

Effects Used :

Light & Shadows edit, HgDiffusion, AdultShader, NormalMap, CrossLuminous, DistLine x2, RandThunderv2, MotionBlur, Burner2, Diffusion, SvDOF, MirrorWater, TK_Flow, LineSystem x2, NeonPost, CheapLens, Kirakira + Controller, WaterParticle, ColorShift, BleachBypass, DephMap edit, Distorsion edit.
+ Post Production.

Note : The Red DistLine and Thunder are recolored by me.
Music : Epidemic Sound - Release The Fire (Niklas Johansson).
Note : The music was shorted on purpose.

More of my work : http://lgmods.deviantart.com/

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