[MMD NEW MOTION] ORBIT : Colossal Epic Trailer - LGMODS
5000+ Frames.
3minutes+ Duration.

Effects used in video :

+ Gravity, Lights & Shadows edit
+ Screen Stage ON
+ Neon Post x2
+ Normal Map
+ Adult & G-Shaders
+ Particles
+ DryIce
+ Cross & ObjectLuminous
+ HgDiffusion & Diffusion
+ ColorShift
+ EarthQuake
+ CheapLens
+ LikeHDR
+ KiraKira x2 & Controller
+ HeartSpectrum
+ DepthMap edit

+ Post-Production (Sony Vegas Pro 13).


Include :

+ BASIC Camera (easy editable frames).
+ FULL SMOOTHED Camera (Complete interpolation).
+ Character Motion FULL (Facials & Movements together).
+ Facial Motion ONLY (Only facials, no body movements).
+ Music as .Wav format.

=> Camera Motions include Gravity, Lights, Shadows & Accessory edits.


Tested on various models, fully compatible TDA and customs characters.
Be sure to have an universal rig and renamed bones on your models if you use a custom one to
get compatibility (Groove and IK is a must have!).

Eyes movement from morph, if you use eyes bones on your model the eyes movements won't work.
=> If you want eyes movement working :
Create a morph for every eyes movements and call them : Left, Right, Look Up, Look Down.

Based on Asura model (male), compatible females.



. You are free to edit the Camera to your taste (BASIC Camera provided for easy edit).
. Do NOT edit the Character Motion, except for adjust clipping depending of the model you use.
. Do NOT re-upload the motion anywhere else.
. Do NOT claim this motion as your, credit me or link back to my video if you use it.

Motion & Camera made entirely from scratch by me.

Release Date (V1.0) : 07th May 2017.

DOWNLOAD MOTION : http://lgmods.deviantart.com/art/MMD-DL-ORBIT-Colossal-Epic-Trailer-New-...



Stage by ShootingStarBlue .

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I have dl the motion, Thank you for your work.

Your welcome, glad to know you like the motion!