Ashoka Tano was the only real reason why the rebels escape the empire in the Battle of Scarif.

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Music : Killer Lady (trick the bot edit) by 八王子P(hachiouji-P/8#Prince)
Star wars sound effect by The ASMR Geek

Ashoka Tano
Head: original xna model by "o0Crofty0o" converted to mmd with many facial added by me.
Body: by Mr. nakao, Earl Bit, Mr. Montekore
Star Wars edit by me

Stage: Rebuild of the Rogue One "Batlle of scarif" all edit by me
AT-AT, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, A4T by 32rabbit
Grass by @kohoriyama, Palm Trees from Cgtrader

All Rights Go to Lucas FIlms & Walt Disney Co

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