The third video I ever did as my unhealthy fascination with best waifu Nero Claudius continues. Looking back at the video, so much wrong with it, I might revisit this video at some point. As always comments and criticism is welcome either in the comments or messaging.

Model : Saber Nero, Zero, and Alter - HestiaSama edit of "Aimasushiki Hatsune Miku Triangle bikini"
サカモュハケモテ TDA Saber lily Ver 1.00 [Silver]
Saber Mordred by "AKON"

Stage : LearnMMD stage.
Motion : Moka
Camera : Moka
Music : "Mercy" by Q'euue (I think)
Shader : Adultshader v013

I think I got the credits for the stuff right, but I am not sure since I do not speak Japanese and google translate is terrible sometimes.

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