I didn't have very much trouble with this one. This video just kinda... happened, unlike my other videos which were all kinda massive adventures for some reason or another.
Most of this video's conflict was with trying to figure out the PCL (Piapro Character License), since this model's rules say to follow that.
Once I was finally able to figure out the PCL (or, rather, the Creative Commons license that pretty much says the same stuff), I quickly figured out that it's... uh, a bit light on details.
Like, this model said that you HAD to follow the PCL rules. The PCL rules include "no sexual content." If you play around with the model, you can strip it down to its underwear (and it's not even just basic underwear, it's FANCY LINGERIE), and some of that underwear is visible even if you don't strip it down (exactly how much of her bra can we see on this model? Oh, right, most of it). That's pretty damn close to "sexual content."
But, an even more obvious example is PROJECT DIVA. I mean, PD uses some of the more sexual Vocaloid songs- the ones I remember best are Sweet Devil and Eh? Ah, Sou- and creates similarly sexual videos for them. Despite the PCL saying "no sexual content." And, like, this is a Crypton-approved thing.
Plus, I don't think Crypton's lawyers are naive enough to think that they can stop porn even if they tried. I mean, Rule 34 is impossible to avoid, and I've seen more porn of Hatsune Miku than I have of pretty much any other character (unintentionally, of course- intentionally is another matter altogether).
So, yeah, I honestly don't know how seriously I'm supposed to take the PCL (especially since their explanation for WHY they didn't want sexual content was to avoid damaging Crypton's reputation... and while I could understand that rule in Japan, a much more socially conservative country, that's really not a concern in America, where our queen, Beyonce, is an INCREDIBLY sexual person).
One last thing- the "shopping mall at night" thing I've got going here gives me SERIOUS Dead Rising vibes. Don't be surprised if I make a remake of this video for Halloween with a lot of zombies shambling around in the background.
Nostalogic by 盗賊つばき (http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm28219702)

MEIKO 1.2.2 by Ohba Makoto

MMD Mall Stage fixed transparency by amiamy111 (http://amiamy111.deviantart.com/art/LETS-GO-TO-THE-MALL-stage-280831362?...)

GreenerShader (Dark)
Silky Hair 1
Silky Hair 2

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Adobe Premiere Elements 14

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