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NDV'S STYLE !!!!! ✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

tryn' to make Soul Worker Luka...

I tried to search mmd soul worker model...,
but as you can expect
only a few (only one person) have 'em and it's not shareable.
Instead of waiting for a reply
well... i just create it myself
even tho~ i need to RE- UV mapping, Fitting, Rigging
guess kinda worth to do it.

Soul Worker...
can't say much, but this is grind fest game.
once you max your level every day will be a grinding day.
nice story..., nice hack and slash to boot, also cool character.
just like Honkai Impact...

I play Honkai because of Yae in there...
then I play Soul Worker because of...

Me: *cough, don't add something to my phrase!!! and don't interrupt me for a while this should be a heartfelt moment...
NDV: meh..., I believe it's only you who feel that way..., and fyi I think you made me make a lot of pink hair model lately, do you have something for pink hair girl???
Me: that's... classified...

(σ ´゜д゜)σ


Please do not re-upload (禁止转载) w/o permission :3

!!! i do not OWN the MODEL, STAGE also the SONG !!!

model: HK Base from 3DCG (edited) you can get it here
Tda Luka
Lion Game
MGR - Muramasa by AbyssLeo






Effect:Raycast, WorkingFloor, AutoLuminous, KiraKira


( ●︿●!) “As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.”


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