This one is a little different from the usual since I wanted to try something new.

I like this motion and song so I made a video with it. I recall that I was quite fond of an older MMD video of BRS dancing to this song and wondered what it would look like with busty BRS.

I also always wanted to try making character motions as well, so for the first time animating with MMD, I thought I'd practice making simple gestures/movements.

I eventually killed two birds with one stone by putting those ideas into a single video. Somewhere down the line it turned into a throwback video featuring the models/stages I have used in past videos haha... I had quite a bit of fun making this one.

Music: Daft Punk (Cover by: George Barnett)
Dance Motion by: 結城
Misc. Motions by: me
Cam by: what cam?

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