[MMD VIDEO] STRIKERSURA : Halo - Johan Borjesson (Handmade Motion).


Motion & Camera created by me from scratch.
Smoothed Camera version (I also have the Easy Frames version).
No post-production added, except my intro, black bar, soft entrance / ending -basic video edits.
Start pose from Let's Dance Boys.
Music : Halo by Johan Borjesson (Epidemic Sound).
A lot of effects added, it took me hours to add everything.
Model modded in DOA5LR and imported to MMD by me.
Stage by @samsink .

Model showcase : http://lgmods.deviantart.com/art/MMD-STRIKERSURA-Mod-Import-686418648

~1 week to complete the motion. Full interpolation, synchronized with music (5700 frames).


I gave some test on TDA models to check if the motion is universally compatible and this is the case but I used extra custom bones for fingers that don't exist in others models so if there are demand about this motion I could make a fix and share it later.
Same with facials, actually the model used have helmet so I didn't made facials but I could add it.

More of my work : http://lgmods.deviantart.com/

Asura's Wrath belong to CAPCOM & CYBERCONNECT2.


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