someone linked me thier favorite model and as thanks i made him/her this video, enjoy!
link me your favorite model or other means and i will make a video for you! no promises :3

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haha love this comment because i posted it under r-15 meaning it mild,
trollvids is expanding its categories and i did this as a thank you to a friend people should respect that
ps i tried different models different gumis that do get naked it killed it honestly also if you looked they have different sized boobs o-o red with the biggest the best thing about stuff sometimes are teases... i dont wanna be an mmd artist thats sex this, sex that, sex here, sex there. I would rather quit mmd

so thumb down all they like, i still had 6 others that liked it and if the crowd ever completely hated something i made, trollvids wouldnt be for me.
PPS i tried obtaining better models outside of what is available and got turned down
by other community members when i had the inspiration to make a new adult video multiple times, cant always have your cake and eat it too in this case the cake never existed for me. it kills when you cant get the model because of "rules" but whatever

i like all your videos, each one is different then the last
keep up the good work!
i always enjoy seeing Gumi dance naked or even clothed:)

thanks much appreciated!, i guess you can tell i love your gumi models :P
so recently i got frustrated with not being able to obtain the models i wanted so i tried some model editing myself, its not the best its pretty shotty and patch work since i couldnt get blender to work for me x3 but its something!

i think i might post how i edited it. hopefully i can get tips on connecting vertices more smoothly

well i only know how to use pmx editer,if you need any help with that
i’d be happy to help.