So many people asked how to make smooth animations, simple, don't use MMD to make animations, use MMM, you can download it here

If you'd like to see a tutorial about something that I might know, write it on the comments

You can also watch it here

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as i can say: make basic animation with MMM, do detailed animation with MMD. heheheh.

p.s. try this thing too.


Thank You Ademar440

Oh my god, thank you so much ! I am using learnMMD to learn MMD and was tearing my hair off on the animation process and would have grown bald if it weren't for your video xD ! And cheers to @guruguruguro Gonna have a look :) !

thanks a ton for the tutorial, I just might get into MMM once I get the hang of it

Interesting. I've been using MMM for years, but you showed me a few new tricks. Thanks.


This is some good stuff. Never used MMM before but I'll give it a shot next time. Good tutorial dude.

Also what song is that? It's so nostalgic back to my runescape days.

The song's name is "Pixels Journey"

which one is better MikuMikuMoving2_v0101 or MikuMikuMoving64_v1272 ?

I for the life of me can't figure out how to use the camera in this.

Also, the motion I whipped together quickly as a test, loads incorrectly in MMD and is honestly kind of scary, LOL