MMD Holo It Hurts Like Hell R15

This Video is About a Sad Ending for Holo [Spice & Wolf] She Returned To Her Home In the North Started A Family With Lawrence Had a Son And Ten Years Later Lawrence Went out To hunt and Never Came Back Her Nightmere Came True as He Died Because Thats What Humans Do We Die and The Wolf God of the Harvest can live hunderds of years.
40 years Later Her Son Dies [Skelton] She Will
Be Waiting Forever for her Love Lawrence. Her Son comes Alive As A Skelton for Only 1 min a day So painfull for A Mother to bare. Brought a Tear to my Eye. founder gave me permission to up here

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Crazy monkey motion was used for skelten so cliping cant be helped using two motions on the same video and models cant be moved not lazyness but uncorrectable clippig cant be helped so dont complain about clipping

in mmd click on edit -> go down to "apply center position bias" -> input a number in the X box -> press ok. all bones/facials must be selected

best girl on trollvids?
is it christmas again already?

(sad horo makes me want to kill myself though)