That's right, this isn't just an MMD video, it's also a Vocaloid video. Too bad I'm a Vocaloid beginner and I absolutely suck at Vocaloid. I was even worse when I made this video (which was my first ever attempt at doing a Vocaloid cover). But, you know, I'm learning.
So, like, I know the song sucks, but I really wanted to make a V Flower video (to live up to my promise that not everything I did would be IA-related, because this was the first ever non-IA video I did), and I do actually own Vocaloid software (so far, the only Vocas I have are V4 Flower, MAYU, and IA ROCKS, but I also plan on getting KAITO, Hiyama Kiyoteru, CUL, IA, and the upcoming IA English, at the very least), so I thought, "Hey, why don't I actually do a cover of a Vocaloid song?" I decided that "Bye Baby Sayonara" was the most metal mainstream Vocaloid song I could think of, and V Flower was a Vocaloid I kind of think of in terms of metal, so I found an UST for Bye Baby Sayonara, converted it to a VSQX, and set V Flower on it. At first, I tried editing it, since I'd heard bad things about "Plug and play" covers, but my edits ended up making it sound even worse and I eventually just gave up and used the plug and play version.
Oddly enough, this video only has one dislike on YouTube, while WAVE- my magnum opus, at least so far- has two. How the hell does this have less dislikes than WAVE?
Bye Baby Sayonara by jik09 (
V4 Flower by mqdl (
V Flower by mqdl (same link)
Sonic Stage by AnimeNebula003 (
Laser Concert by jesuuss (
Storm A by Wampa842 (
Silky Clothing
Silky Skin
GreenerShader (Dark)
V4 Flower
+UST that I converted to VSQX
Bye Baby Sayonara by willowispembers (
+Off Vocal
Bye Baby Sayonara by saiB (
+Original Song
Bye Baby Sayonara by saiB (
+Programs Used
Adobe Premiere Elements

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