Ushimaki Riko - Bo Peep Bo Peep
I answered this hope. Another motion by the same model.

model:(C)Appland, Inc. 牛巻りこ
stage:ヌルテカ ラウンド空間3AL
motion:なつき ハッピートラップ

Voice change version

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I didn't care much about voice. Thank you for your opinion.

Look so cute

I can recommed you one motion?

What is it? Maybe I can.

Please use this motion i feel you can make a great mmd :)

Is the interval of the scene change wide, but is it all right? Skirt is hidden because physics are bothersome.!yPZiQC4a!74GALgjaB1SpZM_6j6lxEc1pcl2jqrOMGJ-M46TwOkk

No problem(I think look better) and Thanks for made the video with the motion i sugestión you :)

I would like to see it on your iwara channel:)

Do you want me to upload Iwara instead of MEGA?
Little adjustment , 4K ver.!GTgAWYKZ!qjaML8uTCujYzpwircZeiJdZtngqvs8DMqSAKsJzpBQ

yes, I would like to see it in Iwara because I can not play it in Mega

Thanks you, i really appreciate it, all in the mmd Is perfect, just amazing