15th Day

tryn' to make mmd.....with kira-kira effect


please do not re-upload (禁止转载) w/o permission :3

take note : edited body size to 1.1, erased boobs restrained joint, reduced boobs bounce, increased booty bounce, UV remapping for neck....
like always i'm suck at weighting clothes \(0w0)=====3

sorry if its rough :3

!!! i do not OWN the MODEL, STAGE also the SONG !!!

model: HK Base (edited)
motion:LUPIN by まにまに: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm25328940
camera:LUPIN by - rxdx https://youtu.be/KOcgN0Dzslg
Music:Original Song LUPIN(루팡) by - KARA
Effect:Raycast, IkEffect, Kira-kira, DustEffect

(ikEffect..... so GREAT!!!)

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