MMD Stage1 A Happy Wedding Shake It Stage2 A Sad Funeral Hurts Like Hell R15

Miku is about to have The Happiest Day in A Girls Life Her Wedding they share their vows Kiss then drink wine from the wedding cup now their married. [shes 5 months pregnant] Her Hubby falls over and dies in her arms.They share their last kiss. Then the funeral Where she almost had a breakdown. how sad for a new wife and widow in the same day And she never told him she was pregnant with his twins.

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Those two songs are polar opposites.

Shake It need more face emotion, it what make that MV so great

pls explain to me why is the song not little apple(小苹果)but uses the move of that song?

I Like the Song Shake It More than Little Apple And the Movements Work Perfect with Shake It.DAM CATS HUMPING THE DOG AGAIN!!! (TRUE GIRL CAT ON GIRL DOG LOVE)