Edit 28/3/2019: Updated the video and the camera DL. Corrected the intro and some interpolations.
For credits and DLs, expand the description!

Alright, I've done it.

Greetings, everyone. I'm Nothson. The username replaces -son with -san because I feel like it :P. I'm quite experienced with 2D motion graphics and have touched Blender long enough to edit something in a model, but this was my first time doing an MMD video.

At first, I used only the motion as the reference and didn't listen to the audio while animating the camera. And when I do, I noticed that there's a missing animation in the original motion just before the first verse, and it made everything else out of sync with the audio. I decided to roughly fill in the motion and readjust the keyframes, then edit everything else before continuing with the camera.

Edit 28/3/2019: I was actually wrong. The entire motion just simply skipped by one beat. There was no missing animation there. I updated the video to correct it.

I also added some winks to it and made her stare at the camera in some parts. In the end, the whole thing took me 4 days to complete but it was fun finding creative angles for each keyframe. There are some frames worth a wallpaper, I assure you. On top of that, animating only a camera motion makes me feel just like she's dancing and I'm recording the video. I actually felt a bit depressed when the camera is almost finished. One reason was because Kashima's my favorite (or the only reason? IDK. :3). All of this thanks to Ademar440 and Enieu for giving Kashima some love and made this amazing model. By the way, I added an eye following camera morph and now I'm falling head to toe for her >///<.

I'm not going to start making another MMD video anytime soon since I also have my own electronic music project going on. If you don't mind, it's Noisysundae. I intended to move back to it as soon as I finished this video so I can't really say when I will make another one here. I wish I could have clones and do everything I want simultaneously.


Model: Kashima (Enieu Edit) !!! WARNING: NSFW Images in the link !!!
Shader: Ray-mmd 1.5.2, Skin Material by me
Effects: Bloom (Bundled with Ray-mmd), Motionblur2 by そぼろ (sovoro)
Stage: Stage White by DollyMolly323
Motion: Gokuraku Jodo by Yurie
Camera: Gokuraku Jodo (極楽浄土) Amplified Camera by me (Pass: ノッさん)

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