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Hello everyone ! Wellcome to Kawaii Girl MMD ! My channel was upload Miku Miku Dance for you. Have fun!
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Music: 【ODOROOM】「FINAL Judgment」歌ってみた【柿チョコ】sm20443008
Model : 十六夜咲夜Ver2.10Rev.D by 上海アリス幻樂団 ZUN
Stage : RedialC_湖心亭
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You have a super shitty patreon, where you expect people to buy a new laptop for you with no patreon rewards at all. Good luck with that

I created a patreon account for people to support me, it is not for commercial use, not r18, not nude, not distributed. Sorry for these guidelines

You're missing the point. You are basically asking people to buy a new laptop for you... With no reward what so ever. Patreon is a service for rewarding their supporters. You are asking for a really good laptop to be able to render videos, which can be thousands of dollars. Would be one thing if it were models you made, but it's not even that...

I created over 300 MMD videos, I do not think the contributors did not get anything, they got a lot. With the subject of MMD, rewards are required for nudity, attractive models, etc. It is forbidden for Youtube and other issues. People may or may not agree, but I will continue to make videos. I understand how Patreon works, but I want to make it a nonprofit, donation-only, like Wikipedia. My patreon is for those who really support my work, it is not for exchange.