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Time and time again, I keep on getting friend requests from empty profiles and they still won't check my Journal. Well this image might make you think twice before you try to send a friend request to me.


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Sweet.... welcome back BM
hope to see more great stuff.

Just call me X3BriMa, or "Brima" for short.

Brima it is.... just want to say I became an instant fan after seeing SeeTrU II


Sorry, I had to remove the TDA Bikini Miku video due to Google being a fucking bitch. Going to try to upload the video again soon.

I just wanted to ask if it was ok to friend you and to tell why I dont have any thing on my user it's becus I dont have the mmd program

Just make content using MMD...that is if you're a PC user.

ok do you know a good place to get mmd This place is a good start to get started on doing MMD. is the most popular file sharing site for MMD material.


Sorry,ive got no mmd content. i just wanted to annoy you after seeingyour rant.;)