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I am happy that I could apply for a friend to WhiteFlame39.
Thank you very much.<(_ _)>

Thank you very much for accepting my friend request.

Thank you for sharing so manyt sexy models,I like them very much

Thanks alot^^ I'm glad you like it!

Thanks for follow me and for your amazing work

Nice to meet you!
I would like to see your PV videos!
If you do not mind, please register as a friend.

Sure! Thanks for watching my works :)

marvelous futanari work, glad to see more!

It's my first futa video, I think I will make some in the future!

I like your video and thanks for follow me ^_^

Thanks for watching my works, I'm glad you like it!^^

Hi! :D

Hi! ;P


very good eros (*`・ω・)ゞ

Thank you!! (*^^*)

Thank you for accepting me! Great works!


Thank you very much for accepting my friend request!
Great works! I love your videos!

Thanks for watching my videos, I'm glad you like it!
Have a nice day! (@^^)/~~~

ooh, that's Suigintou!

Would you like to make friend with me ?


Thank you!!ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿




Ty!! (^=˃ᆺ˂)

You changed your id?

My old user's name was WhiteFlame_39, I changed to this name a few months ago.


非常色气的封面 大佬求好友


I love your videos!
so... friend with me...?

Sure, I'm glad you like my works :)


(≧∇≦)ъ ナイス!

i love u~~
that's amazing~

I'm glad you like my works :)
Enjoy >W<


Sure, enjoy >v<


どういたしまして、私の友人(* ^^ *)

Thank you for sharing so sexy works,I wish the friend request could be accepted. m(_ _)m

I do, thanks for watching >.<




Thank you!! 。(>.<)。

I like your video and thanks for フレンド me

You are welcome! ^^

Your work is amazing! I'm looking forward to your new video.

I'm glad you like my works, I will try my best (੭。╹▿╹。)੭

Thank you for the wonderful work!

Thank you so much, please enjoy :3

Nice and cute no-fap challenges. Keep producing succubus or cow-outfit, i like those!

I will think about it ^^

My God!!!!!

Thanks for Following :D Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

I like your work. It's very beautiful.

I'm glad you say so! ^^



Hey i really like the models you have! I always watch your videos

Thank you for your support. I always upload my videos on Youtube ^^

I really like your videos!
I hope you will accept my friend request.
m(_ _)m

Sure, I'm glad you like my works ^^

I like a lot your works (here and the ones on Youtube as well). Also let me thank you for being a very kind person, as I saw from your answers to me and to your other fans. I wish the best for you.
Could you accept my friend request please?

Sure, I accept all friend requests.
My hobby is read all comments from everyone
and thank you for liking my works (≧﹏≦)و

大佬,能给我个好友位嘛,我非常喜欢你的作品,求你了,真心的,我非常想要Brother, can you give me a friend position? I like your work very much. Please, sincerely, I want it very muchお偉方、友達をくれませんか。私はあなたの作品が大好きです。お願いします。本当に、私はとても欲しいです


Sure, I accept all friend request ヾ(ゝω・)ノ

Thank you for sharing these videos.

nice video

Looks like YouTube nuked your channel ....

I've already prepared for this day. Very sad time

Will you make a new YouTube channel?

What happened to your Youtube channel?

I got 3 strikes about nudity and Youtube ban me T_T

I will make a new one soon!

Can you repost all previous videos?
I love your videos so I want to watch them all

I'm glad you like my works but please don't repost it. I don't like my works being reposted in any kind.

I am not good at English so I made a mistake
I'm not going to repost
Would you please repost all the previous videos?
I want you to post all videos

oh my bad, I read your comment not clearly ?

Hi everyone, I have just made a new Youtube channel.
Subscribe if you want, it helps me a lot <(_ _)>

I am very happy!!

If you can't post all the old videos, could you just post the Azulene videos?
Thank you for your cooperation.

If you are really like my works, consider supporting me on Patreon.
I post Youtube version of the old channel on there

Do you mean that you only post new works on youtube?


Is that so


YT took you down again after your Blake premiere , then later put it back up . Are they crazy ??

Yeah they are crazy o(╥﹏╥)o


Late for send friend, I should be your friend 2years ago



Thank you for all your kind comment《♡~♡》



I'm a fan who likes your work. Can you be friends with me?

Sure, thank you for your support ^^

Your youtube channel has been blocked. A large number of works cannot be viewed

I know, so I'm working on a new channel

pretty cute MMD.



Please become a Friend

好棒(˶˚ ᗨ ˚˶)

Thanks, I added all :)

your videos are amazing, I love them
thanks a lot for sharing your awesome work here

You are welcome (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

I wish your SFW videos were posted here rather than on YouTube, where they will be gone in the blink of an eye. It does not matter when uploading videos at a cheap quality rather than high definition in here, what matters is that you have them safe from being meddled by YouTube. I hope you'll come back to Fantia, you'll safely upload SFW videos there and don't use YT third party to put every Yt videos or it makes no sense.

Whiteflame, this is a warning for every YT creators if you don't heed any warnings that will happen to your videos and your channel or you'll suffer:


Think twice of doing it in YouTube, just do it in Iwara, although it's free real estate in here.

Thanks for your suggestion but I still upload to youtube as the main thing

I failed at Fantia age verification, so I quit

You don't know what you're up against, Susan Wojcicki is a hardcore authoritarian YT CEO will stop at nothing to wipe every filthy videos and channels off the platform, plus THEY ARE WOKE COMPANIES. For Fantia, it's just that easy don't think of anything that is sus.

If you still don't, I won't stop until you'll be safer in Fantia and move there

Look what happened to your last 5 videos, they were instantly age-restricted because YouTube imposed a totalitarian Community Guideline enforcement which doomed alotta famous YTbers vying to get alotta subscribers.



Your Hai Phut Hơn video is so cute and lovely, please make one more about Hai Phut Hon. I loved this

Maybe in the future, that's my favorite song :P

Welp, you're dooming yourself for uploading on YouTube. I swear, you will have a bad luck and you should change your mind already.

I'm asking you this for once. YouTube is not the way it was before 2014, please just be safe at Fantia, which doesn't mean you can post the all there (some R18 and hentai that is impossible to censor), you can place SFW videos that can no longer be accessible to YT as it turns into a Woke, Leftist, and Authoritarian part of Big Tech. You have one last chance to make a move and never respond in a lazy form. Please, for the love of freedom, heed this warning for one last time.

Really? Hai Phut Hon is my favorite song too! I listen it everyday, it would be perfect if listen to this and watch mmd striptease hip sway dance. This so amzing experience! Hope in future you will make more about Hai Phut Hon, i support you and really appreciated. Good day 🥰

Thank you so much, If I make Hai Phut Hon, I will post it on my Iwara immediately UwU

Hi. I sub your youtube channel already. I really love your MMD

Okie, thanks (ㆁωㆁ)

Gangster, can you add a friend?

Thank you for sharing so sexy works!!
I wish the friend request could be accepted.

I love your videos so much! Please accept my friend request.


Great and nice videos you made