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Where is your videos?
LOL Didn't see that.

Why Still no Video... :O
Edit : ( oh Must Klik Echi 1st ) xD

yeah need to be on ecchi side

you need to be on the ecchiside of the site. click red ecchi button in top right corner.

Thank you for your video,the new site is beautiful.
seems some spam account reupped one of your vids

Well. That's quite amusing. I though I had put you on my follow list a long time ago. Time to rectify that. :)

~( 'w' )~ I can't thank you enough for all the motions, you're awesome!

Thanks motion set.

Thank you for sharing your works (especially Cellphone Paranoia Girl). Always looking forward to your next release (especially if it has Leyah).

Maaan, I wonder if you distribute or sell your Maiko model, I'd make something with her too!

Follow please

Please accept my friend request if possible, I love your work very much :D


I like the nipple that you make!

Thank you very much for giving me a look at your music videos. Thank you very much, that I can follow you. thank you so much for motions ^_^

very very Thank you very much

You are amazing bro!!!


One of the best artists out there imo! Thanks for the great work!

I'm not sure what happenin with you, not sure if anyone does. It's already been 9 months, but I'll still be waiting.

I don't know why he left iwara, but you can check his website at for his mmd and other stuff.

yea I took a stroll on over there not too long after I made the comment, thinking he's just busy and might have forgotten or even given up on ole trollvids.

Hey buddy, come back and make something fun. Look forward to your new mmd 0w0





Thank you for accepting my friend request.

like the second coming of Jesus