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About myself 2年

Hello I love making MMD videos. I hope you guys enjoy my work. You don't need to send friend request, all my videos are public.

こんにちは私はMMDビデオを作ってみたい。 皆さん、私の仕事を楽しんでいただければ幸いです。 友人のリクエストを送る必要はなく、私のビデオはすべて公開されています。

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just wanna say...great.Let me follow you...


Your stuff is seriously amazing, definitely deserves more views than it gets.
Really looking forward to upcoming vids^^

You sir, deserve a cookie.

you're really an expert on this, please allow me to follow you :D

Thanks a lot

you are genius


Your videos are so awesome!


Greatest weighting!!!!

good job dube,i love that breast

Awesome!Let me follow you...


Outstanding! We need more submissive R18 MMD videos like this!!

Thank you so much that I can follow you. Thank you so much for me to watch your music videos. I love them a lot ^_^

unable to watch [MMD] Sporty O Let me hit it ,always showing processing video, it was in my list, can u fix it?



Oh no ! Where is your videos ! I..I wanna cry !

emmm… sorry, I forgot to open R-18 switch

I love your video with my friends

Thank you all;)







Hot xxx and dance <3

so love you video





Well, why your patreon is under review now? - -!

@toyneko I am deeply sorry, it has been suspended for violating community guidelines. I am hoping that patreon will restore my account by next week after purging some content, otherwise if they decide to terminate my account, I try to give out a full link of all my works to my patreons.

Your works are very sexy ,and I wish the friend request could be accepted Thank you very much

Amazing work. 1000 thanks.

Your works are always so incredible! I hope i can see more hardcore content ?


Your works are attractive.Thank you

Thank you

Amazing. Thank you very much. Excellent artist

Damn you're probably one of the best creator in Iwara. All your vids are hot and close to real IMO.

I forgot I already commented but I don't know to delete my comment lmao

Thank you and your videos (。ò ∀ ó。)

I really love the videos you did with the Shigure model. It would be my great appreciation if you could accept my friend request! (*´▽`*)




Great work!

vectorcell, you're a master! I really like your work. I'm looking forward to your new video.

I sincerely hope you keep experimenting with guro. It's not something I'm usually into tbh but I feel like your style could make it worth it, plus it's not something you see around a lot. Cheers!

One of the best creators on iwara. Half my reason for visiting this site ;) Keep it up! <3

Thank you all=)

Your videos are amazing. I simply cannot to stop to watch them: lights, models, camera, everything is so enjoyable. I sent you a friendship request just as a sign of respect. Thank you for your work!

Dearest vectorcell, I hope that you don’t mind if I were to ask for permission to use Angela for a certain hentai scene that I am currently storyboarding. All I could say is that this hentai that I’m planning on making once my laptop is fully repaired, I would start beginning my classes on MMD and animation.

Sure, go ahead. If you really want to take permission please ask Kakomiki instead, he is the creator of the model not me.


Thank you,videos great



Always interesting

Awesome!Let me follow you...

i would love to see your private videos too will you allow me as a friend?

there are no private videos bruh

why you close your patreon ?


ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノヾThank you!


Hello! I ’m your audience. I really like your video, but now that your parteon is closed, I ’m very sad. I really like your Addiction video. Is there a 1080P 60fps version?

I really love the videos you did with the Shigure model. It would be my great appreciation if you could accept my friend request?

Hello. I am your fan.
But, Why did you delete "ghost dance" video? I liked that so much..

Thank you for you videos

What happened to your patreon account?

Come back ! We're all waiting for you

I hope he hasn't gone missing link Deng …..

Thank you for your excellent work and sexy ideas!

its wonderful.Let me follow you...


good job,good job!

This is a great video. Please let me be your friend if you can(>^ω^<)


Σ(○д○ノ)ノぅおほぅ!ありがとうございます。<(_ _)>ペコリ


Your work is always the best. Can you accept my friend request?

Where is shigure donut hole ?

Thank you for sharing these videos.

Can you possibly make an animation of a tentacle penetration on a female character's bellybutton?


when do you come back?😭😭😭