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R.I.P Patches 17時間

You were my soul cat. You were there for every major life event for the last 18 years. You always knew when I was having a depressive episode, when something just wasn't right. You would let me rest my head on your belly so I could listen to you purr. All I had to do was look at you and you would start purring, you were sooooooo affectionate.

Deleting Shit 1週
Monster porn 1週
I got a job! 12ヶ月
Migrains 2年

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Thanks for the follow you Les! ^w^


Any chance for some yuri vids?

I am pretty gay, so probably. ʕ◉ل͜◉ʔ

Very pleased that you liked the very alien Raseyl.
I bet that can be arranged,she's into that kind of things,you know?
And also she is very petit (a little over 4 feet tall-1.42 mts) so it is my guess that it would not be too hard to manage =)