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Why do you keep deleting all of your videos?

This is what happens when you do drugs and MMD at same time, let that be a lesson for all. :/

Yeesh, these videos...


Iwara users dont like uncesored and explicit videos whit good cosplay and effects... only like the same censored blowjob and the same singing breast... for this, i remove all my videos and never more i waste my time to make another...
Like the trash?
Ok... continue to look the trash for ever!!!!

D': I never has the opportunity to see one, so sad, the thumbnails looked so good

I upload +60 videos... but nobody like... if you want a fantastic video, look this:

And dont forget to read the posts... ok?

I really liked your stuff. Especially the Virtual World Project. Do more like that!

Do you really need to delete your videos just because they didn't get liked?

i like your videos. who don't like your videos are idiots. please continue to make your awesome videos.

Dear Friends...
The video of Iwara 99% are made with models ready "without genitals" ... or anatomically wrong.... they do not make you do anything because they have nothing to do see ... are pretty much all the same ... do not have a little "history" .. . have no creativity ... are made in 5 minutes ... I try to do something different, and I work on for days, and when I see a video with the usual model, the usual motion, the usual stages, which take most of my like, then I become sad and I wonder whether it is worthwhile to work so hard for people who appreciate only the trivial things.

And... i dont make only erotic videos, but, if anyone like creativity, and differents motions, models and stages, see this video and others in my channel:

I can help for compress your Video's under 300mb in 1080p quality when you have and when you like, write me, i think many user like your work and like not only "ecchi"-video's.

Thanks... but when i render the videos in MMD, (only can avi files)..., i need after convert in mp4 with Premiere (when i need nothing or only any subtitles, this is not for the iwara limitation, but for economize space in HD.... i have hundreds) or in After Effects when i need add specials effects that MMD can not do...

For example, this video (MAX + AE) have 33Mb... but is only for "sample"... but when I sell it to the customer in Ultra-Hight-Quality have +8Gb for 30 seconds... and these examples I have thousands... imagine the storage problems....

Why delete all ???
I like your interesting vids...

Deng is the first iwara uploader whit the models "genitals anatomically correct"!!!! If have others, sorry... i dont see yet....
Congratulation Deng!!! I apreciate yours videos and your work!!!!
I download your Haku and open it in PMX editor for curiosity... you make the expressions exactly like me... if you want, off course, we can exchange some interesting edit files....
I think open a "private" channel... only for the MMD seniors makers like you.... what do you think about it?

Why delete all ???
Recently... i upload some videos (+60)... maked in MMD and After Effects... uncensored... anatomically correct... exclusive models... stages... motions... many weeks of hard work... but the users they prefer the same "censored" blowjob and the same bouncing huge tits... maked in 5 minuts...
Then... I started making "non sense" videos with no way to protest, but you want to know the result? These videos made in 10 minutes and full of insults directed at the nerds, have taken more like the other facts seriously ... did you see that video where an elephant Chan swollen like a balloon?
The other whit "Tanaka" (the japanese eroticism) titled: Tutorial - How to make a authentic japanese hentai tentacle video? This video took more like than all the rest put together... it's crazy!!! Another whit Chan closed in psychiatric hospital pissing in chamber pot and get it in face the user and broken the screen...
and speek: Tanaka!!! Fuck you!!! If you see it, do you remember how many like? It's crazy!!!
Now, i return because many users write me...
but I do not know what to do yet.

I like your "original" mods/vids, they are pretty innovative and full of joy, unlike most of the vids here.

Feel sad to see what happened.

Thanks colxfy!!!

@Teri123 - You can't take it seriously. Some people just have different preference of taste. There are lots of videos here that don't even have comments but that doesn't mean they are hated or unwanted. I personally like your Marie Rose videos. Keep posting videos, you have your fans. People asking of them is evident of that.

i think you make good work, then give a little smile, your vids a little funny :). why Privat ????? O_o

Dear Lucifer,
This is not a simply "different preference of taste"... if you remeber, i have post one video totally uncensored and totally explicit... when i see the like... i make one brain test... i removed this video and put over the "japanese mosaic" and upload again... if you see, you remember the difference in like? It's CRAZY!!!!
If you put a simply carrot or picle or corn with the mosaic, this users massacre the penis whit two hands!!! Is not a joke....

>> Godi00<<< Is only for users whit "normal brain"... you can see now... im follow u.

I'm following you,can i have a follow back, ;)

i look forward to your content


For all friends:
Anyway ... if in the ecchi world there are many videos junk blame is yours.... why do not criticize ... only criticism (honest) is constructive.
If u mark "like" only because the poster is a friend... the trash continue for the rest of life.
I invite everyone to give suggestions and ideas

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i want to see your private videos.
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I think your videos are a breath of fresh air. You have skill with models and are not afraid to go outside the box. I've followed MMD or MME for quite a while and I have seen gems and seen crap and i have to say audio and visually your work is a gem. Keep up the good work and humor.

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Dear kazimozila...
I follow you anywhere... but only if you are a beautiful girl and "disponible"... off course... ;D

please follow me too, i enjoyed the stuff you uploaded, shame it was deleted though..

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Uncensored and totally explicit, and genitals anatomically correct is what I search for and so seldom find.
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Look... this videos are very very olds... but in shortly i upload new pussyes updatet... ok?

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AWESOME!! You are professional !!

Thanks... but i dont are professional... I just do the different ideas about "hard eroticism"...

Going to be honest with you. Your videos are a mixed bag for me. I like the ideas, I love that you add sound effects and I like that they are uncensored. But at the same time... the face of your model is really creepy, especially the way it keeps opening and closing its mouth.

Lol your videos are crazy! Forget about the haters, if they don't like your videos, they don't have to watch them. Keep up the work, there are people that like your videos.

Dear DmonHiro... is quite sure ... I'll tell MarieRose that in the next video, when someone shove the compressor in your ass, not to open to much the mouth.... because is ugly ...
But... if yoy want, off course, u can help me to make the mouth motion correctly... turn ON your webcam... standing in front... open the legs... shoves the taser (170.000V) in your ass... press taser Power button, and after send me the video... i make the MarieRose mouth movement equal-equal like you.
But remember... dont forget to scream with more elegance .... ok?
Next time... please. read the video description.... please.

To be fair I never really thought that "likes" are that important. I was really enjoying your videos, especialy since they hit my tastes, fetishes. I really like your animal (eel, fish etc.) unbirth, fisting, object insertions and such and I can understand that those are too extreme for few users and thats why they may dislike them but this is what makes your videos special. As a recomendation could you try meaby a prolapse, trembling or ahegao?

Dear Eliadil... all the videos posted in Iwara, until today, they were made before I met the world "hentai" and "ecchi"... only now beginning to understand this... often invited the users to ideas and suggestions .... and you is the first... DmonHiro is right... but these videos were made only to hobby ... I would never have imagined that one day put them to another view ...
I constantly modify the models and when i render these videos (I saw them in MMD) to put them in Iwara, who already had a motion ready, left unforeseen things, MR type, you should speak "a" left "aaaaahhhhh" .. . and also other things that perhaps are even comical, but as I sometimes am lazy, I left anyway ....

I warned in the description of the videos that they were full of technical errors ... now think fun all this controversy about my videos, and I guarantee that the next will be less lazy ... ok?
I thank the sugenstões, and take the opportunity to invite those who like my videos to give also ideas and advice. Only the honest criticism is constructive, and if everybody criticized like my followers, in Iwara would only well made videos.

The ecchi world view is completely different from mine ... the models has huge eyes and a small mouth ... mine are to the contrary... only now I understand the "heresy" and the scandal that teased.

>>>meaby a prolapse, trembling or ahegao...
I had to look on wikipedia the meaning of this ... ok ... my new video (because have many other olds yet to upload) next will be done with it ... I'll try ....
today I can do just about everything I want in MMD ... but never ask me to make "bukkake" because really dont like. I like see only the female stuff... male stuff i dont like.
You saw that video "Tanaka Tentacles"? Where he throws a bucket full of white goop in the model?

Thank you for your video,good luck

When you making those video,I think you are taking drug

Sorry... i dont need take a drug... I'm born crazy

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i can't see

Love your videos, especially this one "Party Club - DJ Miku"
Wish to see more your works.
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I just noticed the comments you left on my profile. Apparently you can't take any kind of constructive criticism and have no idea what the word "concept" means, and so you threw a tantrum, even though I was actually giving you a compliment.

Get fucked and grow up.

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