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Thank you for seeing my work.
I accepted you and mutual followers and friends.
Please enjoy. Thanks.

Thank you very much! (≧∇≦)

Thank you for watching my video

We backed in the following from this place which was there in following thanking you, too.
It is the style to whose the friend is applied to but tell of the thing in the message or the comment to mypage.
When there is not announcement, it doesn't approve.
It approves if it is possible to have even announcement.
Sorry for causing you trouble but our requesting, being good
Also, at the time of the beginning of the month 2 months after the month to have applied for the friend, agree to the un- approved application because it deletes it.
( Ex.: When applied to in January, it deletes in March. )
It creates with the translation software and this comment may be the contents of a letter which are possibly incomprehensible.


Thank you for comment.
I accepted your friend request.
Nice to meet you:)

Thank you for your friend registration!
I accepted!

There can be only one dog, cease your dogness.

Thank You for Following Me and You are Friended

Thank you for applying for a friend.

Thank you for seeing my video and following me.
I've accepted your friend request and I'll follow you too.
Please have fun.

Thank you! You have registered as a friend! Nice to meet you!

Friend approval thank you very much.≧ω≦

Thank you for watching & comment

Thank you for comment.
I accepted your friend request.

Friend approval thank you very much.>ω<

I followed you because DOG, not because you have a dog in your avatar, or because the dog is cute, just because DOG.

( ゚ω ゚ )

Thank you for your friend application and followup.
I'm late, but I've followed up with friend approval.
Thank you for your support in the future.

Thank you very much!!(ΦωΦ)

フレンド登録承認します フォローします

Thank you! ≧ω≦

Thank you for following and watching my video. Though I am not a very skilled MMD user, yet I will still manage to render some videos when I have free time.

BTW, the dog in the avatar, is it yours? Soooo cute!