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A hideous spider ///\( 'w' )/\\\ or an orange with googly eyes and wiggly arms... one of those two.



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Thank you for your video,good luck

~( ' w ' )~ thank you very much!

Probably the most complex/dense content around (imo). Thank you for sharing your works here.

~( 'w' )~ thank you very much!

Great vids, but have you removed a lot? I enjoyed all, but most seem to be unavailable now.

Have you only 14 video's here?

you need to click on the ecchi button to see more ( 'w' )/

It's cool, I really like your work

great works!

Legal seus vídeos você é nota mil!!!

Obrigado! ~(^w^)~

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よろしく おねがいします
Thank you very much for your kind words!
And very pleased to meet you!
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I like your videos. Please follow me.

Thanks, and okies (owo)/


ありがとございます!m( _ _ )m


(^w^)/ はい、よろしく!

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m( _ _ )m ありがとございました!

Thank you for your video.I very like your videos.

m( _ _ )m thank you very much

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thank you.

thank you

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Create healthy content, thanks

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谢谢! ~(^w^)~

FC2でCookie Fun Channelを見て以来、色々と拝見させていただいてました。

private動画をぜひ見たいのでよろしければFriendお願いします。Cookie Fun Channel O( ' w ' )yのMEGAも期待してます

~( 'w' )~ よろしくおねがいします!

Always a wonderful video Thank you.


Great work!

I like your videos. Please follow me.

I'm Very Happy of the Fact that you've decided to "Take me" Into your Friends** dear Squishy_eringe

(~' w '~) you're welcome, and stay wiggly!


m( _ _ )m 非常感谢你! thank you!

Thank you for cookies yesterday.
I like your work from a long time ago.
Because your videos with lots of models are very luxurious.

hiii! ( 'w' )/ sorry i've been rather busy these past few days, and thanks very much for the compliment

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thanks very much! glad you love it (~' w '~)

I just want to say that you are really cool and i really like your work, can i get a cookie?

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Love all the details in your videos and please share more of those yummy cookies ^^

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Thank you for the excellent work! I look forward to seeing more of your videos.

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