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On this site, the follow function is just more powerful than friend, u guys just need to follow then my new videos will show on the home page of the site (in the subscriber section)

I will accept all friend, but i think do both follow and be friend is better. It's free anyway :3

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Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request


you are welcome awa, i'm glad u like my things

Thank you for sharing so sexy works,I wish the friend request could be accepted. m(_ _)m

great videos dude! i love them


awa thanks guys

Please become a Friend

All your videos have been collected by me. I love Mirai Akari and feel she doesn't get the appreciation she deserves. Thank you for your work . Keep it up,I'll be Following you from now on.


All dl link in your YouTube video willl be gone once it is age-restricted. Provide a link here if that thing happens.

I'll never find your dl link on YouTube once the videos will become "age-restricted". You can provide it here instead.

i checked all link in my ut but still work, can u send me which one didnt work so i can send u a new one