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I'll make them functional for MMD.
However they must be of quality from recent generation games going from ps3, 360, and WiiU.
I do only Anime based game models.


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You are also kouhai of JJ-senpai!?
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keep the good work mate! :3

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Anyways...i love your stuff mate, great videos and that Hibiki tho!
i want that model so much! :p




( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thank you and your videos ,I want to watch your "Private" video. Please follow me!!

Your welcome but I can't, I do not add people. But you can bet I will never private a video.


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請問最近都不更新影片了嗎? 我很喜歡妳的影片 希望可以一直看下去


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Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to notice someone small.

I requested friend request!

Can I use a model modified by a model you created as a movie?
I will not redistribute that model.

I don't mind.

Reply thanks.
I am grateful that you are distributing many wonderful models.



Hi MrJinSenpai.

1. The Discord invite in your user bio blurb thing has expired.
2. Do you accept any kind of request or commission?

1. I know, that was intentional.
2. Yes and No, depending if I am interested in whatever it is.

You're a real unit

I do have to say I love your work and the options you have for the sliders on the models you release are amazing. I do have to admit I may have tinkered with a model or two of yours in my spare time, but I won't go releasing them as I would not want to take any credit for your work, since the edit are usually minor, like hair and texture changes. Additionally I love all the detail and work that I see when I open the models up to see how they work maybe to learn a thing or two. Lastly sorry if this a odd thing to post, but I just wanted to let you know I really like your work and it has inspired me to try and learn this stuff in my free time.

All the more, worth doing. Thank you for the politeness. That is very respectable.
It does take a long time for me to do these models and I do put my every being to these works, it makes me happy to see it being used and appreciated. I wish you luck on that journey. My advice to you is to follow two rules. First is to always try to make the model user friendly and easy to understand, the second is always keep things organized.




Thank you, your video is very excellent ! m(_ _)m
If you don't mind, Could you please accept my friend request ?

hi, MrJin.
l love Kyōmei v1.1.
is this Beta Version?

Any chance you could do all the other Hyperdimension Neptunia models? :3

MrJinSenpai I’ve noticed that you have created rather interesting works of animation (rather it would be YouTube friendly or hentai for Iwara) and I must say, the effort you’ve placed on them seems rather exciting. For now, I’m temporarily unable to create such animations for MMD (even though my laptop has returned, my operating system is somewhat untrustworthy if I were to start using MMD too early). But if I were to use a base from either you or anyone else, I must give complete credit to you and that certain person (just as an example). But beforehand, I must ask permission for usage of such models (not only its more polite, but it would more honorable in this case). As for a rule of honor, I cannot use something that is not of my own design without receiving the original artist’s permission. But nonetheless, I admire your creativity in such animations.

ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノヾThank you!

You're welcome. ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノヾ

I love your video~


Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request

how can I join your discord?

Hello MrJinSenpai,
Is there a Haku model that you made/edited? One author credited you in his video and I really liked it. Are you willing to release it or I would consider buying it also (if it's not for free).