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I do find it odd that all your Touhou Videos say that the video is still processing, I think you might have to reupload them.



Many video have proseesing, please fix it! tks u!



Just a heads up to everyone here: The dude's been gone for a couple years, he probably won't come back. Don't bother with most of his videos, since they don't work at all. Unless he makes some insane comeback and returns, which we should all know likely won't happen.


google is your friend. While the videos don't work on iwara, they still do work here: https://video.fc2.com/a/account/61052201
you're welcome.

You have my thanks sir!

i still believe you return one day


Why processing video? Are all of your work like that? Sad.

Man, that goat must have died already !!

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish