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well this goes for people who become gold patreon, please read well
there says there is only dl from motions dance
* the motions of sex there is no dl
* I do not distribute sex motions
If you want to know some motions that I have used they are from: Mister Orzo, aderman440 and more

Pixiv fambox? 1ヶ月

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I love your videos. Great quality and nice attention to details. I sent a friend request. Keep up the excellent work.

Excelentes trabajos, espero con ansias el próximo muchas gracias.

Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request

ayúdame a conseguir un mejor equipo

Que buenos videos!
Se agradece tu esfuerzo!

Muchas gracias :)

Gracias a ti por aceptar la solicitud ?

El vídeo es bueno lo malo es que no todos tenemos acceso al patreon para poder ver el vídeo completo y ese caso lo tengo yo

Nice work!

amazing work√

Great video

Thx for all your epic work.
Love the combination of dancing, story and sex.

you made the video is very good,can you accept my friend request?thank you very much!



Excelentes videos, buen gusto con la musica y no son elecciones tipicas para los MMD. Ofreces un toque unico. Sigue perfeccionando tu arte, amigo.

I really like your works ! Hope you can accept my friend request and becoming more popular !

I very like your video they so great!! if you can accept my friend request i will very happy!!pls and thx