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You are looking good on YouTube. GJ!! > ㅁ<)b


you can post R18/porn content here just fine, NOT like Youtube


I'm going to publish a special for Iwara.tv
Do not expect me to be an active user |。・ω・|づ

I like your work !

You stuff in incredible, please don't stop making.

You stuff in incredible, please don't stop making.


I hate that your youtube channel was banned hope those videos will be re-uploaded here

the render quality of your videos is nearly incredible dude....
Keep up the good work!!

Upload videos on a regular basis

can you please re-upload those banned videos?

Expect more work from the author


Thanks to you ^^

I have been somewhat inactive due to adsl problems in my house. I hope that from today to be active ^^

Furendo shinsei shitanode shinsei no kyoka o onegaishimasu
Ican't understand English, sorry.

The video is good!



I like your videos ^^

Great and hot MMDs <3

I always cheer for you
Friends thank you

Thx ^^

Yours videos are good but all are short. I may support you if you can make full length videos.

Thank you for sharing so sexy works,I wish the friend request could be accepted. m(_ _)m

The video you made is very good! I love it! If you can, could you accept my friend request?

Thank you for accepting my friend request.