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I got a job! 5ヶ月

I finally am a productive member of society! Food Service is a good first job, not what I wanted but the other job I was interviewed for had six other people coming in to be interviewed, so my chances weren't to hot. People tend to look down on you because your 'serving' them but that's something I'll have to get used to.

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Thanks for the follow you Les! ^w^


Any chance for some yuri vids?

I am pretty gay, so probably. ʕ◉ل͜◉ʔ

Very pleased that you liked the very alien Raseyl.
I bet that can be arranged,she's into that kind of things,you know?
And also she is very petit (a little over 4 feet tall-1.42 mts) so it is my guess that it would not be too hard to manage =)