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I made a playlist with all the videos in which the authors took care to animate the stripping process instead of simply having clothes vanish:

Feel free to contact me if you find videos that I missed.

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Thanks for your list.
It's pretty beauty and pornography to see the girls take off their clothes instead of vanish

首先谢谢你的关注,感觉缘分很奇妙,我在iwara阅读了你做的教程之后,发现你居然关注了我,我的下一个作品就是看了你的教程自己制作的,虽然没有使用Marvelous Designer制作新的服装,不过整个制作过程我都十分快乐,希望新作发布的时候能看到你的评论,谢谢(*´∀`)

Thank you, I'm glad the tutorial still comes in handy.

I found your profile through kame-master's comments and I just wanted to say I love your vids <3

Thank you, kame-master is my favorite iwara creator. Check out the playlist I linked above my videos for more tasteful strip tease goodness.

Thanks for the awesome playlist, and I love your Apple Pie vid. Very creative


Thank you for your videos and your playlist!

Glad you liked the playlist.

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