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I, who has more experience with watching MMD than anyone else,
will give all videos on iwara, starting from 2020,
a nice, proper Quality Control.
I dont care rating and views, or anyones opinion. Nothing will alter
my judgement, so you can save yourself the pain to argue with me.

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Hi fellow habitual masturbator :D

wellcome xD


dear people talk english with me :)

i will accept friend request dont worry, it could take some time because im not every day online


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whos black? :0

I was inspired by your room photos. It looks like some divine place, though =)

glad to hear that :) once i find out printed stuff just feels more nice than pictures/comics on the computer screen since then im printing things :3

Now we just need more futa, and we'll be set!

just request a nice futa character with lots of good pictures and loops :3 i didnt rly find any

very good

I would like to see private videos as well. Please give me a friend

Keep your work please! I love your video! >.<

I would love to do something emediately, if i had an idea :3 Im allways saying, do a good job or dont do anything at all :3