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フレンド登録 フォローありがとうございます
これからも頑張りますので よろしくお願いします

We backed in the following from this place which was there in following thanking you, too.
It is the style to do friend request but we don't approve speechless friend request.
You make contact by the comment or the message to my page because it is, it is precocious and sorry for causing you trouble but our requesting, being good
Also, in the month after next of the month to have been applied to, at the time of the beginning of the month, in the un- approved case, make contact early because it deletes.

Sorry in the long passage

There may be a incomprehensible part, too, because it creates this English using the translation software.

Thanks ☆☆** v( ̄ー ̄)v**☆☆ Thanks

Thanks for following. I appreciate it.

I can't send a reply due to an error.

Thank you for your message!
I'm not good at using tools, but I'm glad if there are people to watch!