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So I picked up Honey Select again after a long ass break from it. Taking sme baby steps and making some pic sets so far. These are on my pixiv I may be moving to videos again if I still have the time at home.

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Hello Iwara!

Welcome, and is always great to see some good old Unteralterbach loli stuff!

yep, unteralterbach is kinda exciting. good luck on ur further projects. looking forward to it. fun fact: if u didnt already knew "unteralterbach" is a german word that should resemble a name of a german fictionary city. freely translated unteralterbach means "under age river". anyways, good luck. cheers.

Wow! Great pictures. Such cuties. xoxo :)

Good! I like your Image, Video and Modle!

Been following your work for years, glad to see you here

Thank you!! I appreciate that!

large number of you video need loli tag

admin wrote:

Regarding offensive content
In order to help prevent numerous potential issues from arising in the future, we will now begin to enforce a rule that potentially offensive content must be flagged as such.
The following content is required to be flagged:

  • Any video or image depicting obvious minors (loli or shota) involved in any obscene or sexual situations.
  • Any video or image depicting obvious minors (loli or shota) that are barely clothed, or in the nude.
  • Any video or image depicting bestiality.
  • Any video or image depicting rape or abuse.

For the first two points, age will be determined by the character's appearance. A 1,000 year old loli character will be treated as a minor, just the same as it would be to the general public.
Flagged content will never be removed for those who have the option to always show this content checked within profile field. Content will only be removed for anyone else when administration deems it necessary (possibly never).
We may implement an option to never show this content as well.


Thanks for the notice. I was uploading any nudity with Echi and Offensive content selected and most (I missed one) videos tagged with lolicon. I'll add loli as a separate tag and make sure I get that added every time. If you see anything else amiss please let me know.

where do you get those cute models???I really want it!!!

good good job thanks

i have them on my blogs ( + ) and linked to the atf and lolicit forums where i keep them. Check them out!

Like your work!!


holet love 1 and 7 ?? :(

I <3 the Game and your work^^


Great job!
I love your works very much,especially Unteralterbach3!And 04:26~04:47 of Unteralterbach - Teen Time,it's awesome!

Thank you, your video is very excellent ! m(_ _)m
If you don't mind, Could you please accept my friend request ?

Glad to see you back! Love your stuff!

good job!
I wait you!

Your video is very good. I like your videos. It's so cute and sexy. I hope you will accept my friend request

Thank you very so much for accepting me as a friend.

Thank you very so much for accepting me as a friend.
Happy to see your private vids now too :3

Thank you very so much for following me.

Thanks for supporting my work and always commenting :D

Your creation is superb! How can I support you?

Just make nice comments and thumbs up is all I need :)

Thank you for accepting my friend request. Your videos are amazing and I hope to see more soon!!