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Thank you for following and friend registration.
Because we approved a following background and friend, we get in touch.
Still more, the material of the BGM to be using for a private video in case of me and so on sometimes has the reason why it isn't possible to make a free-lance exhibition, and it supposes that it is private, it is saved when considering that neighborhood.
Also, the old-time work which my logo isn't stored in is private for the prevention of reprinting without notice.
( there was a case in the beginning of last year )
Because there is the one only necessary for the above-mentioned reason as the privacy, too, it may not be only the one as much as expecting but look at please.
I have it had made a private video independently about child model appearing equal to or more than 15 -year-old and equal to or more than 18 years old of videos.

This English is a decodement by the translation software, we think that there is the part which the interpretation is difficult by probably but please pardon.

Thank you for watching my videos. I accepted your friend request now. Please watch private ones too.