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Videos you can post, but you have the playback of songs only.
About three times it is re-posting will not be improved at all.
Resolution, please.

Apologies for inconveniences. But please try reading this: http://ecchi.iwara.tv/forums/english-basic-guide-preparing-videos-upload

I love the website here. Keep up the good work! :)

Better than Pornhub

Excuse me, I noticed your follow up now.
I'm really honored.
Thank you for creating a wonderful site.


why some videos are deleted?

Because the authors delete them?


why some videos have been deleted
and why do the authors delete them?
because some users do not exist?

How to change an uploaded image from Ecchi to General?

Can click the edit button and the option will be in there.

Click content, click edit. The image is marked as General, but it still appears in Ecchi images and in my channel also in the Ecchi section, and in the General section it still does not appear.

Thank you anyway

Фиг показывает видео http://www.iwara.tv/videos/az9ksmbbupwdlbr

Ивара в чём проблема ? Эт наш материал и Вы на основе использования Нашего матерьяла содержите Ваш ресурс , не так ли ?

Don't understand what you are saying here...

sever has gone too slow :/

Hello, how do i delete a comment


Dear admin,
When I upload my video, I want to select thumbnails freely to set video time.
Please kindly, consider this matter.

I almost understand the reason of why my channel was blocked, my last video rendered was 1080x1920 NOT 1920x1080 which make big issue playback on the platform, i hope this was the issue so to avoid doing this in the future

It was banned due to multiple cases of stolen content, which had been rebranded.
Also, making new accounts is also against our rules, although I have been very lenient with you considering past interactions.

Thanks for finally explain !
This is very first time someone told me about that! do you mean the "Game rendering videos" ? "free views no commercial" if yes then is it against your rules? since so many so so many game rendering videos on iwara even same game data!! i only do it in high quality way !! so is this that reason? because all other videos is my 100% creation !!

and who is "figuriordy" ?? he is talking with me all past those days regarding my banned account ( is he fake ) ? he give me all links that i breaks so i thought it was you " !!!!!!

Okay, if i was talking with wrong person all past 20 days please tell me what i do next? you want me to remove game videos the one i render ? you want me to close my account? i really thought i was talking with admin since he provide me very special information about my old account, any way I will respect any final decision from iwara Admins even if close this account !!

That account is nothing to do with us

A person named "goldblood" posted multiple abuses against me in the comment section of my page. Please take appropriate measures as it may cause nuisance.

Hello admin.

I want to change my profile picture, username but I don't know how to.
I selected a picture in my gallery and I click "Save"
But always say with red text "The e-mail address ___ is already taken."

The admin account didnt accept private messages. The contact page become access denined.
I want to report some user posting too many articles.

How might you say that it says that it isn't possible to transmit when not vacating the interval where the transmission of PURAIBETOMESSEJI is 1 hour?
It is inconvenient to the fact that the friend approval gets in touch.

The contact page has been replaced. Please use the link at bottom of page.

This is because you have two accounts with the same email. It is an easy fix.


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