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Dear admin,
When I upload my video, I want to select thumbnails freely to set video time.
Please kindly, consider this matter.

A person named "goldblood" posted multiple abuses against me in the comment section of my page. Please take appropriate measures as it may cause nuisance.

Hello admin.

I want to change my profile picture, username but I don't know how to.
I selected a picture in my gallery and I click "Save"
But always say with red text "The e-mail address ___ is already taken."

The admin account didnt accept private messages. The contact page become access denined.
I want to report some user posting too many articles.

How might you say that it says that it isn't possible to transmit when not vacating the interval where the transmission of PURAIBETOMESSEJI is 1 hour?
It is inconvenient to the fact that the friend approval gets in touch.

The contact page has been replaced. Please use the link at bottom of page.


An account called xiaoai2019520 is a state in which mm3077's video is reprinted without permission and multiple accounts have been reprinted without permission without deleting the video.
Please warn and deal with the account named xiaoai2019520.

There are differences in the content of the rules between English, Japanese and Chinese.
The moderators work strictly according to the English rules, but the Japanese and Chinese users are confused when they follow an ambiguous rule and are pointed out as violating it by the moderators.

It would be better to add a note at the beginning of the rules in Japanese and Chinese: "The English rules are correct".


Please.. Want to see thumbnails when search videos from searchbox.

Does this person's actions violate the rules?

please check i already sent an email to support iwara email from this account email.. explain and with screenshots for how i was used by someone pretend he is you (Admin)

Always I am indebted.
I want you to delete all the contents of the current "Journal entries".
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

And it seem only this video right now have some issue like I said above (some I chk again and it work again)


This video have the message "Processing video, please check back in a while" and no download links

フレンド申請を承認したいのですが、 Pending のまま選択する事が出来ません



Thank you for the improvement and the lightening.
I have something to worry about after the improvement, so I would like to ask you a question.
The follow and follower display on the home screen has disappeared



Private and video cannot be replaced.
Missing teeth in the image. Please check.

What's the point of rules if they aren't enforced? There are rule violations literally daily. Are there no moderators? And you can't submit tickets, because the shitty site the "Contact Us" links to never works, and always fails the captcha. You need a real reporting system, real moderators, and some sort of enforcement; This site is turning into a bunch of ads for 3rd party sites.


this person broke my rules regarding my model!
- https://ecchi.iwara.tv/images/sex-0#comment-1653347

- I never accepted that my model is in R18!
- I never shared my model with him, but he would have had it from someone else
- I never accepted that it be distributed in public or in private, but this was done apparently!

I ask you to take the necessary measures regarding this dishonest user!

Another person's video is used. I don't know if it is used without permission. Videos made by other people were also used. A video that connects them is uploaded.