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Videos you can post, but you have the playback of songs only.
About three times it is re-posting will not be improved at all.
Resolution, please.

Apologies for inconveniences. But please try reading this: http://ecchi.iwara.tv/forums/english-basic-guide-preparing-videos-upload

I love the website here. Keep up the good work! :)

Better than Pornhub

Excuse me, I noticed your follow up now.
I'm really honored.
Thank you for creating a wonderful site.


why some videos are deleted?

Because the authors delete them?


why some videos have been deleted
and why do the authors delete them?
because some users do not exist?

How to change an uploaded image from Ecchi to General?

Can click the edit button and the option will be in there.

Click content, click edit. The image is marked as General, but it still appears in Ecchi images and in my channel also in the Ecchi section, and in the General section it still does not appear.

Thank you anyway

Фиг показывает видео http://www.iwara.tv/videos/az9ksmbbupwdlbr

Ивара в чём проблема ? Эт наш материал и Вы на основе использования Нашего матерьяла содержите Ваш ресурс , не так ли ?

Don't understand what you are saying here...