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We backed in the following from this place which was there in following thanking you, too.
When applying for the friend, make contact by the comment or the message to mypage because it isn't possible to approve keeping being speechlessness.
Sorry for causing you trouble but our requesting, being good

We had the comment of friend request though.
It doesn't come to have applied when not clicking the Friend character which is under Connect.
Because it isn't possible to approve when not becoming a state of the application, confirm again.
If applying, get in touch once again.

Thank you for great comment! Friended!

Thank you for friended!٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

Hi adj14740,thanks for the message!

Thank you for the comment!

Thanks for the Friend Invite <(^o^<) <(^o^)> (>^o^)>

sorry double message :P

Thank you:)

Thank you.

Thank you for registering a friend.

フレンド登録 フォローありがとうございます


Thank you for the comment.
I approved the friend.
Thanks for your continued support.

I removed it by misoperation, I am sorry.
Since I will apply again from here, I would appreciate your approval if you do not mind


sorry adj14740.
please send again friend request

ok thanks!! :D

Dear adj14740、thank you very much.
There is no request yet, please check again and I will accept requests at any time.

Thanks for the invite, I accepted.

Thank you for following me.
I glad you watched my moveis.
I accepted you.

Accepted and Thank you!

Thank you for comment.
I accepted your friend request.

Thank you for the comment.
I approved the friend.

Thank you for the following me!
Iaccepted your friend request!

Thank you for the message!
I'll keep getting better.

Thank you for watching my videos and giving me a message. I'll accept your request. Enjoy yourself, please.