My Saving Grace (futa)

Made a new character with this TDA Haku model I found. Will use it again in future works.

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Pjanoo (Futa)

Hate to use the song again, but I wanted to make a new version now that I know how to make new sliders.

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Call on Me (Futa)

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T-Ara Number 9 (futa)

Playing around with other shaders and such, and I had to rework the camera for a solo model.
I was worried it would exceed the size limit for this site. :)

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Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Futa)

Something fun I wanted to make! Now that I found a new video-converter, I probably won't have to worry about the size-limit!

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Autumn Bliss (Futa)

Figured out the sliders for colors and transparency, so here's the result. I Had trouble with weighing the shirt and the elbows, but I'm fine with this.

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Sweet Devil (Futa)

Tried some new effects in this video.

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Kocchi Muite Baby (futa)

Didn't like the music, but I wanted to make a futa version. Anybody else who made their own versions play a little bowling with the glass and cans? :D

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Tokio Futa (Tokio Funka)

Another Japanese themed video! I had to tone down the bitrate so that the file would meet the filesize limit, but no quality loss from the finished product!

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MMD: This is Halloween (New futa)

I originally didn't intend on uploading this video because I wanted to avoid being repetitive.

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Futa Yoga

Here's a new video with a complete motion I made, using some poses and a bit or two from other motions. The transitions between poses are still messed up, but the camera hides them.

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Futa Glide

A duet with my new model and favorite model!

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Ejaculation experiment

Here's a quick ejaculation experiment. Now that I have a good system down for it, I'll plan on it for future videos! :)

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Destination Calabria (Futa)

You all remember that sexy music video. Here's the MMDFuta version with my ejaculation system set up.

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Lupin (Futa)

Bringing back my cowgirl futa model for a video! :)

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Futa Elf Hurly Burly

Brought back that blonde elf futa for a futa elven trio!

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There's not a lot of good body-towel models out there, but this one I rigged worked just fine for this video!

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Kosmos (Futa)

Haven't used my model with the cloak until now.

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Wedding Cake (Futa)

Wedding themed futa now.

I forgot where the stage came from. :P

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Killer B (Futa)

Found a new song I wanted to make a new video with.
These model edits I did are taller than normal, so like with other camera motions I had to modify this camera

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Dream Futa (camera dl)

Here's a new group video for the new year! I've been looking for the camera motion for this song, and it seemed like it was history. But after asking around someone was cool enough to share it!

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Baam (Futa)

I think the stage came from Bowlroll.

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Sweet Devil Futa (REMAKE)

I wanted to remake this to include these edited back-up dancers to ode more to the original Sweet Devil video.

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Killer Futa

Got some more videos planned. Just got other things in life I have to take care of.

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Jungle Futa (HibiKase)

I had trouble rigging the back-piece for the loincloth correctly, but now I got it working right! :)

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