Yuzuki Yukari Ver1.01 D/L: http://tstorage.info/kril6923rh0u
The rigging of her hoodie's shoulders is absolutely terrible. It's tolerable when she's otherwise naked, but it really doesn't cooperate with her dress. I apologize for this, but there's not much I can do about it without putting in more work on this model than I'm really willing to.
Originally, the sliders for pulling her dress up and pulling it down were gonna be material morphs, but fate didn't work out that way. The physics wouldn't cooperate.
She doesn't have that second panty down morph that Mayu and Miku have because her thighhighs go up too high, and I kinda realized that that morph isn't really all that sexy to begin with, so I scrapped it, at least for this model.
Her "Module" is the weird belt thing. Its physics wouldn't really cooperate; it just wouldn't stop phasing through her legs and dress, even though I programmed its collision settings to consider those obstacles. I'unno. It's just a side accessory anyways, she still looks fine without it.
She has separate clothes files for stripping scenes, like usual. Miku's lack of that was an anomaly.