EDIT: those three weird little gray dots are a part of the After Effects user interface, not a part of what would actually get rendered out if I did that instead of just taking a screen shot.

I was thinking that I could probably do a lot of the stuff that's usually done inside MMD in post instead. Turns out that I totally can.

The only thing in MME used here is dAdultShader. The sunlight/optical flare/dirty lens effect, the diffusion effect, the vignette effect, the contrast and color grading effects and the luminous effect are all done inside After Effects, and Miku's hand also blocks that optical flare when it's directly between the sun and the camera (in this frame, it's not, which might be a bit hard to tell given how bright that area is). I went a little overboard with the effects that I used for demonstrative purposes and also because going overboard with effects = good times (mostly for the latter reason in reality, but I like to pretend that there was also a more sensible reason).


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I like this! You think you might layer alpha images to give more depth? That would be interesting!

Well, for this video, I already did that to block the Optical Flares with the models and stage.