Two day ago, I started to use blender to make my own 3D model, and here a little preview. The model have many problem but whith many hours / month and year of training i will make better model.

I did not made any video because i'm lazy to make a motion or to use and edit a motion.

I have 3 project and they will take many year to complete these.

1/ I want to create a MMD Generator (if you play Custom Maid 3D, think about their model creator). This program allow any people to create a model from scratch without to worries about bones and other function to allow to move the model and create a motion.
I think many MMD user have already think about it but they never (or i don't know) made this program a reality.
PS : It's not MME.

2/ I want to create a file manager with compression / tags system because i did'nt find any file manager who's answer to my requierement.

3/ I want to create a Video game with unity in C#, I have already setup some idea in a document and learn how to program with unity.

Yes, i will use Blender to create my Unity model in my futur game too.